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Rules of Conduct for the VGOOL. (NEW MEMBERS MUST READ)

on Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:17 pm
General Rules

1) No content related to the Nazi campaign shall be mentioned towards other members or in general chat either in Discord or Guild Chat in game.

2.) Any in Character disputes or insults do not transition to OOC, do not take them personally.

3.) No being “a dick” to each other, play nice or leave.

4.) If you do happen to have a problem with another member please inform any of the officers rather than attempting to deal with it yourself and causing yet more drama.

5.) No Public ERP, If you are to do it please keep it to a personal level in whispers or in your own party.

6.) Try to avoid Goldshire if at all possible, I’d rather not have the Vanguards name associated with Goldshire or the happenings inside of it.

7.) Players should try and at least gain TRP or MRP to assist in the roleplaying.

8.) No messing about in Cathedral District (or other high Rp populated areas) while in character, while wearing the Guild tabard, you’re representing the guild how you act is a reflection upon us as a guild (and how seriously people will take us during RP events).

9.) Real life does not equal in game, and real life always takes priority. If real life obligations come up that will take you from the game for a long period of time, we do appreciate a message to one of the officers via the forums or game.

10.) Any conflicts or disputes will be arbitrated by one or more of the officers. I reserve the right to administrate a swift g-kick to the ass if you use hate speech, slurs, or otherwise act like a dirtbag to other members.
Events planned by any member should have at least 24 hours before being announced or even better a couple of days for the Vanguard to prepare both IC’ly and OOC’ly.

11.)  If a rule is made either on discord or WoW in shadow of recent events and is agreed upon by the officers, members are expected to follow it.

12.) IC relationships are limited to one Character, if you’re to do so decide what character you want to follow the relationship on and IC’ly stick to it.

13.) At the end of the day, GM/Officers have last say if something is deemed unacceptable, or warrants addressing it shall be done.

(rules are subject to change at any time)
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